To use new Arduino boards, such as the Arduino Zero, we first have to install an appropriate package, which describes the processor and pins. 
The SAM 15x15 is an expansion of the Arduino Zero board; therefore, install the Arduino Zero package first:

Arduino Zero package installation

  • Select Tools > Boards "..." > Boards Manager...
  • Select "Arduino SAMD Boards (32-bits ARM Cortex-M0+)", select version 1.6.8.
  • Than click on Install

If this is ready, install the SAM 15x15 package if required:

SAM 15x15 package installation

  • Select File­>Preferences.
  • Fill in after Additional Boards Manager URLs:
  • Install the SAM 15x15 package, the procedure is the same as for the Arduino Zero package.
  • Ignore the warning "Non trusted contribution..."
  • Plug in the SAM 15x15 board.
  • If occurs, ignore the message "Install this package to use your Arduino/Genuine Zero board"
  • Select Tools­>Board­> select SAM 15x15
  • Select Tools­>Port and select the correct COM port, for instance COM5 (Arduino/Genuine Zero (Native USB Port))

The installation is finished now, you can upload and debug your sketch.


The SAM 15x15 package works fine for the package version 1.6.8. I experienced that after an Arduino-Zero package update, some SAM 15x15 pin functions didn't work properly anymore. It was a day's work to change the SAM 15x15 package, all pin functions had to be tested again. I don't have time to repeat this for every Arduino package update, so use the package version 1.6.8.


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