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Spot welding controller (switches not soldered)


Spot welding controller
Spot welding controller
Spot welder control panel with TFT display
Spot welder control panel with TFT display

With this controller, you can control the power of a spot welder. This is done by setting three timings: the pre-weld pulse, the weld pause and the welding time. You can use it for a DIY spot welder made of a microwave oven transformer (MOT), for the Kende DN-100E welder and for the repairing of the Sunkko 788 welder. I have developed the D.I.Y spot welder because I needed a special spot welder for the building of my Maxun One solar bike. It turned out that the spot welder is being built by many people worldwide.
See the article HERE.

This version with unsoldered switches makes it easy to precisely drill the 6.5mm holes for the pushbuttons in a front panel, the PCB is equipped with 1mm centering holes in the middle of the 4 tactile switches.

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