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Wie wil meedoen met de solarbike zelfbouw club?
Who wants to join the solarbike DIY club?

About me

I'm an inventor with over 40-years of experience in electronic engineering and software development. I have delivered unique engineering solutions to the commercial industry on a wide range of projects. My passion in electronic engineering has also led me to become a collector and a student of fine engineering design. I passionately believe that the core of any design should be based on elegance and simplicity.

In 2010, I started building a solar-powered bicycle, the Maxun One. Herefore, I need special equipment, parts and software that I make myself and that's how I roll from one project to another. On my website, I share my ideas and designs. 

Albert van Dalen with the Solar cell curve tracer in 2011

My mancave in 2021 where I develop everythingMy mancave in 2021 where I develop everything

Statistics aug-2010 to dec-2021

Statistics aug 10 to dec 21Statistics aug 10 to dec 21

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