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Unique visitors per month
Unique visitors per month

Don't use Joomla!

My website is created with Joomla but I do regret it. I see many websites created with Joomla that switch to another CMS at a certain time. This is not without reasons, Joomla has serious limitations. You will find it out when you have worked with it for a while.

Main disadvantages of Joomla!

  • Hard to customize, all websites created with Joomla look more or less the same.
  • The structure at the administrator side is often inconvenient; this makes working with Joomla unnecessarily complicated.
  • There is a proliferation of extensions, but most of them don't work properly. Because there are so many extensions that do the same, it takes a lot of time to find a suitable one. It would be better that the developers collaborate to build one well functioning extension.

Long existing Joomla bugs

Several Joomla bugs exist already many years without being solved. Here is an example:

  • Joomla creates double captions when cache is enabled

I hope that this bug will be fixed soon, because I'm surely not the only one complaining about this?

How to get a high Google ranking

To achieve a high ranking in Google, it is not necessary to do many tricks with SEO. Basically, Google looks at content; if people stay some time at a webpage, the content is interesting and the ranking can be high. Sometimes it amazed me why some keywords have such a high ranking, here are some examples:

keywords position results
mosfet graph 1 500.000
hub motor 9 32.000.000
LiFePO4 ebike 4 900.000
photos tenerife 3 23.000.000

My favorite Joomla extensions that work

I've wasted a lot of time by trying out 3rd party Joomla extensions, about 80% don't work properly, unless I spend a lot of time to fix them. I've found a few Joomla extensions that work well, you can test them out on my site:


  • JCE Editor Unlike other editors this editor simply work fine.
  • DB Replacer. Quick search and replace text in all articles and edit database.


  • SmartResizer. The small images in the articles (thumbnails) are created and resized automatically from the uploaded larger images.
  • Article Auto ToC. Generates a table of contents on top of an article based on the headings hierarchy.
  • SIGE. Simple image gallery inside articles.
  • YouTube Embedder. YouTube integration.
  • Hs Syntax Highlighter. Display source code.


Do you have any comments about the website? Please let me know.