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High concept movie pitch loglines examples

Published: 30 November 2015
Last updated: 13 February 2023

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For screenwriters who are looking for new and high concept film ideas, read my loglines here. These loglines make curious and also tell the punch line of the film. You may use these ideas for a small fee, when you are interested please contact me.

Useless (comedy)

Useless is a comedy about an altruistic manager who doesn't have the heart to tell his employees that his company went belly up, and lets them continue working without telling them what's really going on.

Copyland (romantic comedy)

Copyland is a comedy situated in a fake holiday resort where after a strange flight unsuspecting tourists are led to believe that they have arrived at a remote, expensive destination; but when a guest and tour guide fall in love, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up the deception.

Men only (romantic comedy)

Men only is a romantic comedy in which a scientific experiment investigates what happens when men are brought up on a men only island from infancy, unaware of the existence of women. When one day a nymphomaniac woman washes up on the island in a rubber boat, the men don't know what to do with her. She falls in love with Oscar, and tries to persuade him to have sex with her but this proves more difficult than she thought.

Oh God! (comedy)

Oh God! is a comedy where God has been living on earth all along as a failed inventor, leading a secluded life in a remote cabin because he's ashamed of the failures of creation. However, when an opportunity presents itself to prevent disaster, he regains his self-confidence.

Driving Date / Drive me Crazy (romantic comedy)

Driving date is a romantic comedy in which a woman who is the voice of a satnav system seduces men by making them complete all kinds of silly assignments in a rally that eventually leads to her. This way, she meets a new, but shady man who wants to marry her. Her ex-husband finds out just in time and is forced to take part in the rally to find her and prevent the marriage.

*** (comedy)

The dishes of a failed cook who surprisingly runs a successful three-star restaurant suddenly lose their great taste and his restaurant starts losing customers. When he finds out that the pans have been cleaned, for the first time ever, he realizes how his dishes got their 'amazing' flavor. Now he has to learn how to cook for real, and fast, before his restaurant goes belly-up.

Acting love (romantic comedy)

A desperate housing shortage has prompted the state of California to effectively ban one-person households through the compulsory matching of singles. As a result of them being taught to act like good spouses in drama school, the resulting relationships are actually quite successful. When a classy business woman and a construction worker are thrown together like this, romance unexpectedly springs up between them, but they are unable to find out whether the other person is acting or not.

Love leg (romantic comedy)

Love leg is a romantic comedy in which a beautiful woman falls in love with her orthopedic technician, who unfortunately is only interested in perfecting her bionic leg. Will she get her man?

Sam (drama)

Wild girl in the techno scene falls in love with nerd Sam and, for the first time in her life, wants to engage in a serious relationship and unlike with other boys, not have sex with him straight away. However, because she continues having one-night stands, which mean nothing to her, the nerd feels rejected and is about to commit suicide. When she finds out, she wants to save him, but he no longer believes in her and she will have to prove that she really loves him.

The switch (comic drama)

The UK has found a solution for the Somalian refugee problem. An airlift is started and everyone is granted asylum, and in no time all of Somalia has moved to the UK; but when the British all move to the now desolate Somalia because of the great weather and its abundance of space, the Somalians are left behind in utter confusion.

Jail Park (comedy)

Jail Park is a comedy in which prisoners become eligible for transfer to a luxurious re-education resort on condition they behave themselves like upstanding citizens, but this requires an almost super-human effort from these short-tempered heavy criminals.

(Clarification: Jail Park has multiple sequels with one recurring theme. The guards are incredibly strict, which means the prisoners cannot make a single mistake or they face getting sent back to the regular prison. However, almost none of them are actually able to change into a model citizen, so most of them just pretend. The acting, the sly tricks to provoke unacceptable behavior, and the solutions they come up to cover up their mistakes give rise to many hilarious situations.)

Jail Park 1

In Jail Park 1, a criminal father has become a civilized man. His wife had left him but finds out that he has changed and cannot wait until his release in just a month. However, the father is threatened by a sly rival and has to survive one more month in Jail Park without making a single mistake.

Jail Park 2 / Let me in

The Jail resort turns out to be so much fun that it is proving difficult to keep everybody out; people are committing all kinds of offences just to get arrested, but this proves more difficult than expected.

Jail Park 3

The jail resort goes co-ed! A macho man and a beautiful woman fall in love at Jail Park, but the man does not know how to beat a clever rival without screwing up. Will he be able to control his urges and win his freedom with the love of his life?

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