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Reversing a track in RouteYou and Mio Cyclo with ReverseStravaGpx

Published: 23 July 2018
Last updated: 08 March 2023
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In RouteYou and some GPS cycling computers like the Mio Cyclo it is not possible to reverse the direction of a track. This can be solved very conveniently with the program ReverseStravaGpx.

Reversing a track in RouteYou with ReverseStravaGpxReversing a track in RouteYou with ReverseStravaGpx

Go to and download the file ReverseStravaGpx.exe.
Open the file with the explorer, the program asks to select the gpx file on the PC.
A new gpx file in reverse direction is created with the addition +R+.

For instance: