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Dual pulse spotwelder controller


Spot welding controller
Spot welding controller

With this controller, you can control the power of a spot welder. This is done by setting three timings: the pre-weld pulse, the weld pause and the welding time. 

See the full article HERE.

Zero crossing detector prevents main fuse blow up

There are many spot welder controllers for sale from China. These are pretty good and cheap, but they do not have a zero crossing detector as this controller. A zero crossing detector is necessary for reducing the weld transformer inrush current, to prevent the mains fuse blow up.

The advantages of the spotwelder

  • Completely ready for use and tested
  • Reduced inrush current prevents main fuse blow up
  • Menu controlled operation with TFT display
  • High power alternistor triac max. 270A
  • Single board that fits into a standard Hammond Electronics enclosure

You can use it for



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