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At electric bicycles, only a battery of the own brand can be used, that is tying and should be prohibited. If the same existed for cars, the battery could not be replaced by any other battery, which is of course very undesirable. An electric bicycle contains a device that blocks the motor when another battery is detected, while in principle every battery is usable, just like with a car.

Forbidden product tying with e-bike batteries
Forbidden product tying with e-bike batteries

Cyclists are now forced to buy a battery of the same brand as the bike for replacement. But these batteries are far too expensive and, moreover, usually of very poor quality. While the battery of an electric car has a lifespan of more than 8 years, a bicycle battery barely lasts 2 years.

Therefore, I want to bring about that these tying will be get prohibited, this must be raised with the European Union. Who can help me with this?

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