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Mid-drive Motor-Gearbox-Units (MGU) review

Published: 17 November 2023
Last updated: 01 December 2023

The advantage of a mid-drive motor - gearbox combination

Recently (2023) a number of promising mid-drive motor - gearbox combinations have been introduced.

There are major advantages:

  • No derailleur or gear hub is required anymore
  • The gear and the motor are exactly matched
  • Weight savings
  • Cost savings

Motor - gearbox - units on the market

Pinion MGU Motor Gearbox Unit E1.12

Pinion Motor Gearbox UnitPinion Motor Gearbox Unit

  • Electronic shifting
  • Max power 800W
  • Torque 85Nm
  • Gears: 9 (E1-9) / 12 (E1-12)
  • Weight 4kg (E1-9) / 4.1kg (E1-12)

Owuru E2 drives

OwuruOwuru Motor-Gearbox-Unit with variable transmission

Owuru has come up with a unique solution for automatic and stepless shifting with using two separate BLDC motors.

Owuru 2 motorsOwuru Motor-Gearbox-Unit automatic and stepless shifting with two separate BLDC motors

  • Power: 250 W, 600 W maximum
  • Torque 65 Nm, 120 Nm maximum
  • Gear range 265 percent
  • Voltage 48V
  • Weight 4.6kg

Note that, the chain runs over three pulleys:

Owuru chain runs over three pulleysOwuru chain runs over three pulleys

Motor - gearbox - units NOT on the market


Intradrive e bike drive unitIntradrive Motor-Gearbox-Unit

  • Electronic shifting
  • Max power 600W
  • 8 speed gear
  • Frame Mounting: Shimano EP8

Effigear Valeo Cyclee

Valeo Cyclee PhotoRoomValeo Cyclee Motor-Gearbox-Unit

  • Voltage 48V
  • Power 250W / 750W
  • 130Nm
  • 7 speed gear
  • Electronic shifting
  • Helical gear system, gear ratio: 19.1
  • Weight: 4.8kg

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