How good is the brushless DC motor that is being used inside the Tongsheng TSDZ2 ?

To answer this question, I have compared the TSDZ2 motor with one of the highest quality electric motors available: the Astro 3205 from Astro Flight.

Motors compared Tongsheng TSDZ2 vs Astro 3205
Motors compared Tongsheng TSDZ2 vs Astro 3205

This is what’s Astro Flight tells: The goal with the 32XX has been to create a superior quality motor. Starting at the core of the motor, the 32XX uses the highest grade of sintered samarium-cobalt magnet. This is a very high-quality magnet that is rarely found on motors of this price point.

Here are the motor parameters that I have measured, and the corresponding efficiency curves from 0W - 1000W:

Parameters TSDZ2 Astro 3205 14T
k [V/rad/s] 0.0806 0.0442
Tf [Nm] 0.0798 0.0385
R [Ω] 0.1875 0.1954

Motor graph Astro 3205 14T
Efficiency curve TSDZ2
Motor graph TSDZ2
Efficiency curve Astro 3205 14T

You can see at the graphs that the TSDZ2 motor is almost as good as the expensive Astro 3205, which cost over $400. 

  • All losses, also iron losses, are included in Tf.
  • The speed difference is just 8000rpm - 4000rpm. Both motors can use 2-stage gear transmissions, so the gear losses are equal.
  • The motor resistance of the 8-turn motor is 0.05Ω according to the datasheet. At 14 turns, the resistance should be 0.05Ω (14/8)^2 = 0.153Ω. But I measured 0.195Ω, which is 27% larger.

More information about motor parameters

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