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Bicycle bidon without plastic taste

Published: 03 April 2012
Last updated: 04 January 2023

Smelly bicycle bottles

It is unbelievable that plastic bicycle bottles are still used, even disposable bottles are better. Plastic bicycle bottles have the disadvantage of a pungent plastic taste and odor, which is caused by the softeners in the plastic. Better take disposable PET bottles, these are made of PET and are odorless. 

Here are some suitable bottles that fits well in a bottle cage without falling out while driving:
Ocean Spray Cranberry Classic  (Delhaize, AH, Plus)

Bicycle bidon without plastic tasteBicycle bidon without plastic taste

Before I used a SPA water bottle, it has taken out of production:

Taste and odor free PET bicycle bottleTaste and odor free PET bicycle bottle

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