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Fixing video card fan noise

Published: 15 January 2011
Last updated: 25 February 2011

The video card fan is usually from a miserable quality and get problems just after the warranty period. Replacement is an option but than you have to find an identical fan with a higher quality. I have two alternative solutions to the problem of a noisy video card fan.

Repair with a paper clip

This solution costs nothing but does not last forever. Adjust the spring force such that the fan is running smoothly and quiet.

Fix video card fan noise with a paperclipFix video card fan noise with a paperclipCooling fan bearing backlashCooling fan bearing backlash

Repair by an external fan

Remove the fan on the video card and place a bigger fan 8x8cm as shown. The advantage is that a large fan makes less noise than a small one. A cooling fan is available from about 5$.

Fix video card fan noise with an external fanFix video card fan noise with an external fan