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Laptop hing problems

After years of use, laptop hinges will become stiff. Opening or closing the screen makes a cracking noise. Stiff hinges can easily be destroyed and will also ruining the laptop housing. Lubrication is needed to prevent further damage.

Stiff laptop LCD screen hinge
Stiff laptop LCD screen hinge

Friction hinges

Notebook hinges are so called friction hinges, which contains clutches. The clutches are greased with special grease. When the grease run out, the hinge will become stiff. Unfortunately notebook hinges can’t be taken apart or be adjusted. Lubrication with spray or oil doesn’t work. The hinges require a special thick lubricant. What grease can we use and how can we get the grease inside the hinge?

Faucet grease lubrication

I used heat proof faucet grease to lubricate the laptop hinges. Because it is black I suppose it contains graphite. I heated the hinge with a soldering iron to achieve that the stiff grease can run into the hinge. It is possible to do the job without completely disassembling the laptop.

Repair stiff laptop LCD screen hinge by lubrication
Repair stiff laptop LCD screen hinge by lubrication


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