Stainless steel strapping and banding

Everybody knows tie-wraps for holding items together. However, there is also a metal variant, which is much stronger. One of those is the Band-It Jr. Smooth ID preformed clamp. A special tensioning tool is required and this cost a lot of money, especially when it is needed just a couple of times. In this case you can use the DIY metal locking tie tool which I describe here. 

These parts are required to build the tool:

  • Steel angle bar
  • Locking pliers
  • Bolt and nut M8
  • Bolts and nuts M4, the heads are made flat
  • Cable ties

Roller ball metal-locking ties

The tool is also suitable for roller ball metal-locking ties. However these ties suffer from slip back, whereby the tension disappears when the tensioning tool is released; this is no problem when used as cable ties. This is an image of my first tensioning tool:

DIY stainless steel roller ball cable tie tensioning tool
DIY stainless steel roller ball cable tie tensioning tool


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