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How to make unbreakable necklaces with jewelry beading wire & threads

Published: 13 November 2022
Last updated: 06 March 2023

Recently I bought an expensive ancient Egyptian mummy beads necklace for my wife. As with beaded necklaces, you don't have to wait long for them to break. And then you get the scene where everyone is looking for lost beads on the floor and you never find them all back.

How to make unbreakable mummy bead necklaceHow to make unbreakable mummy bead necklaces

Being an inventor, I wanted to find out how to make necklaces guaranteed unbreakable. After experimenting and testing different beading threads, I have found a method to make unbreakable beaded necklaces.

Unbreakable multi strand necklaceUnbreakable multi strand necklace

Use only stainless-steel coated beading wire

I tested all kind of wires; they all broke pretty quickly. The only beading wire that is strong enough is stainless steel coated beading wire. This wire is not very flexible but with a thickness of 0.45mm it is just flexible enough.

The stainless-steel coated beading wire that I have used consists of 3 layers:

  • Stainless steel wire (7x) right rotating
  • Stainless steel wire (13x) left turning
  • Thin nylon coating

Unbreakable stainless steel coated beading wireUnbreakable stainless steel coated beading wire

Use always wire guardians

Wire guardiansWire guardians

Use knots instead of crimp beads and tubes

Crimp beads are not strong enough for making unbreakable joints, and not at all suitable for the slippery coated beading wires. At this image you can see how to make the knot:

DIY knot for making unbreakable necklacesDIY knot for making unbreakable necklaces

Seal the knot with 2 component epoxy glue

Seal the knot with 2 component epoxy glueSeal the knot with 2 component epoxy glue

How to make unbreakable multi strand necklaceHow to make unbreakable multi strand necklace