Easy desoldering SMD 0402 0603 0805 at a high temperature Hakko

Published: 31 December 2016
Last updated: 05 January 2023

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How to desolder SMD 0402 0603 0805?

You don't need special tools for desoldering SMD capacitors and resistors. You just need a soldering station that can be set to a high temperature of about 500°C / 900°F. This is necessary in order to add the necessary amount of heat in a short time.

Components that are connected to a ground plane, such as decoupling capacitors, are hard to desolder because the ground plane absorbs all the heat. Here we need a massive soldering tip. If this is not the case, desoldering is much easier and can be done with a small soldering tip. A temperature of 425°C / 800°F may be sufficient here.

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