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Available bypass diodes

Published: 15 March 2011
Last updated: 20 December 2023

Active bypass diodes

The need for lossless diodes

The solar bike PV panels, in contrast to common PV panels, have a particular need for bypass diodes. That is because shade appears often and the PV panel efficiency during shadow must be optimized. Cool bypass "diodes" are the ultimate solutions here because the forward voltage of all other diodes is too large.


Smart bypass diode from Texas Instruments. The average forward voltage drop is 30 mV at 5A, 85°C. Introduced in dec. 2012, this is the only active bypass diode that is available.

SM74611 smart bypass diode from Texas InstrumentsSM74611 smart bypass diode from Texas Instruments


This diode is not available anymore.
Cool bypass switch (CBS) from STMicroelectronics. 


  • Available in TO220, D2PAK and MLPD
  • Very low profile with MLPD package, less than 1mm, to laminate device directly on the panel
  • Available since October 2010

SPV1001T40 (TO-220).

Vf [V] Vf max i [A] Tj [°C]
0.08   5 25
0.11   8 25
0.27   8 125


This diode is not available anymore.
The LX2400 IDEALSolarTM Bypass Diode with Microsemi’s patented CoolRUNTM technology provides a bypass diode with the industry’s lowest forward voltage drop resulting in negligible heat generation. The LX2400 temperature range is -65°C to +165°C. Load the datasheet here. The package is smaller compared to the TO-220. The LGA package dimensions are 7.5mm x 11.5mm.

LX2400 Cool bypass switch from MicrosemiLX2400 Cool bypass switch from Microsemi

Vf [V] Vf max i [A] Ta [°C]
0.05   10 80

LX2400 bypass diode forward voltageLX2400 bypass diode forward voltage

As we can see, the LX2400 has lower forward voltage drop than SPV1001.

Super barrier rectifier bypass diodes

A Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR) is effectively a MOSFET with its gate and source shorted together. They have a very low forward voltage drop.

Super Barrier RectifierSuper Barrier Rectifier


30A Super Barrier Rectifier from manufacturer Diodes.


  • Connecting the two diodes parallel halves the current to 2.5A per pin.
  • Price about $2
Vf [V] Vf max i [A] Tj [°C]
0.19   2.5 125
0.24   5 125
0.41 0.45 15 25
0.34 0.37 15 125


20A ultra low Vf Super Barrier Rectifier from manufacturer Diodes.


  • Connecting the two diodes parallel halves the current to 2.5A per pin.
  • Price about $1.15
Vf [V] Vf max i [A] Tj [°C]
~0.27   2.5 125
~0.32   5 125
  0.47 10 25
0.41 0.44 10 125

PDS1040L-13 / PDS1045-13

10A low Vf schottky barrier rectifier from manufacturer Diodes.

PDS1040L-13 package PowerDI®5 PDS1040L-13 package PowerDI®5

Vf [V] Vf max i [A] Tj [°C]
0.39   5 25
0.28   5 125
0.41 0.46 6 25
0.30 0.35 6 125


10A Super Barrier Rectifier for solar panels from manufacturer Diodes. Designed as Bypass Diodes for Solar Panels.

PowerDI®5 PowerDI®5

  • Designed in accordance to Solar Industry Safety Standards (IEC61730-2, IEC61215-2)
  • Large safe operating area (SOA) with maximum selectively rated 200°C junction temperature for higher reliability
  • Low profile height of 1.1mm for possible integration into the solar panels
  • Low leakage current <2mA @85ºC
Vf [V] Vf max i [A] Tj [°C]
0.29   5 125


Same as SBR10U45SP5 but with case DO-201AD.