The electrolarynx is the most widely used device for speaking without vocal cords. However, its use is not very elegant, therefore I built a prototype of an electronic larynx. The electronic larynx can improve the life of laryngectomy patients. 

Operation of the electronic larynx

The electronic larynx is a miniature speaker, invisible hidden in the mouth, that produce the sound that is normally produced by the larynx. In this way, a person can speak by articulating as usual without producing a sound themselves. 

Invisible electronic larynx

Electronic larynx with wireless control

Electronic larynx parts
Electronic larynx parts

The electronic larynx contains a small phone speaker, amplifier, bluetooth module and a battery. Control is done wirelessly by a smartphone or another device. The prototype works 30 minutes on a battery. When using more devices, one can quickly exchange in case of an empty battery. The prototype produces only a basic sound, like an electrolarynx.

There was a patent on an identical device granted in 1994, which has now expired: However, this patent has not been exploited. The patent describes the operation of the electronic larynx in detail.

Future improvements

  • The voice of the patient before the laryngectomy can be recorded so that the voice is retained.
  • The intonation and volume can be controlled inconspicuously.
  • The prototype dimensions are 28 x 21 x 10mm and can be made smaller.
  • The acoustics in the oral cavity can be measured and serve as input for computer controlled voice control.

Who is interested?

The electronic larynx can be improved even further. I am looking for a university that could take this up. I have no commercial interests. A prototype is available for free.

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